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The long weekend will be again ending in just a few hours.

Saturday – Sam with her ballet classmates have their pictorial and we have to stay longer in the school. After that we head straight in the office. We brought the kids with us because we’re going to spent the night at my in-laws place.

During their pictorial.Sam standing second from the right

My Ballerina *wink










Sunday – We went to Divisoria to look for Sam’s costume for their Christmas presentation. It’s still November but the crowd is overwhelming as many shoppers from different parts of Manila and nearby provinces go to Divisoria looking for cheap bargains for gifts,clothes,toys etc. It’s very tiring day!

Today,back at home. Glad for another extra day spent with the kids. 😀 . As I wrote this blog, my kids are already sound asleep.

My angels sleeping



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Weekends have been great!

Got to spend two days with the kids. Saturday – we attended a birthday party of our college friend’s daughter, Gabbie. It was a carnival theme. Sam really enjoyed it, especially the inflatable slide and magic show. The kids were really amazed with the show and we adults enjoyed it as well :D. Jed’s a little bit cranky that time due to teething discomforts, but all in all, it was great. Sunday – our family day. Although we didn’t spent it outside our home, I can say that it’s still okay. I successfully did some partial organizing of things, while Hubby take care of Jed and Sam is busy playing. I did all the cooking, prepared some pancakes for snacks and in the afternoon Sam help her dad clean the car. Jed’s still fuzzy,but I’m glad that hubby is so into baby sitting this time 😀 . Sam enjoyed helping her dad clean the car, this made her sleep early than her usual bedtime. Spending quality time with the family is a great tool for starting the busy week ahead.

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