Fever strikes back

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Had another restless and tiring weekend.

Sam is down with fever again since Saturday night and my little boy, have cough and cold as well. I’ve been monitoring Sam’s temperature and it seems that it’s not going down. We just had our visit to the pedia, and found out that her tonsil is still swelling and we’re prescribed again with another set of antibiotics. Poor Sam, I hope that she’ll soon feel better. She’s been into antibiotics as early as two years old and I’m afraid of the effects that it will have on her. She really lose weight. Get well soon my sweetie.


One Proud Mama

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I am really very proud of my daughter Sam. She made it for this term’s Red Honors List. I admit that I am not that full handed in terms of Sam’s schooling i.e. reviews and lessons catch up everyday. I usually go home late with Sam already asleep and it’s only in the morning that we’ll have the quick Q & A about her lessons. I guessed that’s the dilemma of a working mom like me *sad .

Great job my Ate Sam. Keep it up. We are all very proud of you. We love you!

Exam week


Exam week again.

I hope that this time I can spend more time reviewing Sam. I felt guilty because I know that I’m not giving my hundred percent in terms of reviewing her. Her teacher said that she’s doing great in school, but a little careless during exams. I know that I must not pressure her because she’s still young (she started school at the age of 3). I want her to enjoy school and at the same time inculcating her the value of education. It’s the only thing that I can give her that nobody can take away.

Since it is exam week, I might be out for a while because I’l be very busy. 😀


My Ballerina

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Today is Sam’s pictorial for their ballet recital. I cannot accompany her because I’m saving my last leave for more important event, like their school Christmas presentation. Thank God, Grandma is there to the rescue :D.

Sam started to ballet when she is 3 years old. I enrolled her in a summer class where she attended 10 sessions of basic ballet with her friend Ate Alex. They also had their recital that time. That was her first performance in stage and being 3, she had her “sumpong”. When it’s their time to perform, she is already in tears and doesn’t want to go up the stage, I’m glad that in the end even while crying, my little girl still performed.I had tears on my eyes the rest of the performance,my heart is overwhelming with pride and joy :D.

After the summer sessions, I asked her if she want to continue with the ballet, and she answered it with a BIG NO. She said that she don’t want it anymore because it only gave her body pains. I thought that’s the end of it. This year, there’s a new show in TV that she enjoyed watching, it’s Angelina Ballerina. It’s about a mouse who is into ballet. One day she said “Mommy, I want to ballet again”. After many times of confirming to her if she really wants it, I enrolled her in their school’s ballet class.

Now I know that she is enjoying every session. She’s better now than two years ago. She is attentively listening and following their coach.

We’re excited for their recital this December 😀

Sam two years ago,when she's 3 yo in one of their class

Sam at present,5 yo, during their pictorial

A visit to the doctor

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Our yesterday is spent by a visit to the doctor and my-in laws as well. My Sam is feverish since Monday night and keeps on complaining about sore throat. At dawn her temperature rose up to 39.2 degree Celsius that’s why we canceled the plan of spending the day cleaning the house and organizing things to be donated.Off we go to Manila. Transferring to Cavite has its major drawback especially when the kids are sick. A long travel just to have them check  (I’m very thankful that there haven’t been an emergency that will require us to go to Manila in the middle of night).

The findings, her tonsil is very swollen and bleeding causing her to have a very high fever. Ever since, Sam’s tonsillitis is the major contributor of her being sick. She have a very sensitive tonsils. It’s her second time this year and once again the doctor remind us of the complication of frequently having tonsillitis for young kids like my Sam. I’ve done researches about it that’s why we are very strict to Sam on the foods that will trigger her tonsillitis but again this happened :|.

My poor Sam! It’s their exam week right now and she missed school today. She hadn’t eaten properly since Monday and starting to lose weight again. I been up most of the time the last two nights monitoring her fever and as a mom, I really can’t sleep well when the kids are sick. If only I can spare them and let mommy have all the pains, fever, coughs, colds etc I will do it.

I really hope and pray that in a few days my Sam will feel better.

By the way, Jed have his shots also and I’m thankful because he didn’t have fever afterwards. Feel relieve because I cannot  bear having two kids sick at the same time, my heart will surely break.

Sammara’s 9th Month

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This is again from my old blog.

A letter to my daughter on her 9th month birthday.

Hi baby!Happy 9th month birthday!Words cannot express the happiness you brought into our lives the day you were born. The first time I held you in my arms,mommy’s heart is overwhelming with pride and joy. It only seems yesterday when we first saw you lying on the nursery’s bed. I still remember when daddy is always in the nursery during viewing hours looking at you and can’t wait to hold you in his arms.Now you’ve grown up looking prettier (you have your daddy’s eyes and smile) and more active than ever.Time really is fast.

We really can’t wait to see you walk on your own and say your first word. We pray that you will allways be a good girl and stay as sweet and innocent as you are right now.

Remember that whatever happens, mommy and daddy and the rest of the family will always be there for you,and wanting what is the best for our little angel.

Mommy and daddy loves you so much!!


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I am a proud mom.

Every milestone in my daughter’s life is an achievement for me as well. From the first smile, first word, first teeth, first crawl, first walk, etc.  I still remember the tears of joy that I shred on her first performance in a school program. It feels so good watching her tiny hips sway with the music as she dance gracefully. Pride is overwhelming as we listen to her first solo performance (singing Reflection) in the talent portion of the  search for Little Ms. Princess in their school.In many ways and times did she make mommy spill tears of joy :D.

Last month a link in Facebook caught my attention.


This ad is asking mommies to tell how different their child is compared to other kids. You can submit a picture of your kid and if it is approved, the picture will be displayed in the giant electric billboard along EDSA. I, excitedly browsed my files for Sam’s picture and then submitted my entry.

My entry looks like this Sam in Nido's Proud to see the Difference

Weeks passed, and I already forgot about this Ad when I received an email from the administrator informing that Sam’s picture will be aired on August 10, 2010 at 10:00 A.M in the billboard along Shaw Edsa (Southbound). I am very happy but in the same time is sad because I know that we won’t be able to see her picture while it is being aired : (

I’m very glad that last week, the administrator again sent an email with a picture of Sam while it is being aired on the two giant billboards 😀

Sam's picture on the billboard along Shaw EDSA southbound

On the electronic billboard at SM North Edsa

Thank you Nido for giving us a chance to see our pride in a giant screen.

I really am A PROUD MOM…

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