I’ve been an avid fan of Harry Potter since the day it has been known to the world . I remember reading it’s synopsis in a magazine with a title “The boy who lived”. I, being a reader of anything instantly wanted to read the whole  book. Can you believed that I have read HP’s book one to five without owning the book collection? I just read it thru ebooks shared by friends. Been spending my entire time in front of the computer,just bathroom breaks, that’s how eager I am to read all of it. And for the book six and seven, I bought my own copies already.

I love HP. The story, the characters, the settings, all of it. And now that all of the books have been published and read, and with its movie adaptations, I’m sure HP fans out there will missed the boy who lived.

I’m still waiting for a movie date with hubby for the HP7. I hope with his busy schedule,he can spare some of his time and watch this movie with me *fingers crossed *wink 😀