It all happened in 2010

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2010 is indeed another year to cherished. Good and bad things happened,the important is we learned from our mistakes and still thankful for everything.

These are the highlights of my/our year 2010.


1. Bought a new digital camera. Our old digital camera gave-up on us.We had it for five years. I really want an SLR, but the budget won’t permit us to have one,so we just get a canon digital camera.

2. Sam turned 5, celebrated her birthday in the school and a small gathering in our house for her friends. Time is indeed fast.


3. Sam’s moving up activity in the school. She’s done with Kinder and i’m hoping she’s ready for Prep ūüėÄ


4. Gave birth, we named him Jed Nathaniel. The first boy in the family. He’s really an angel to us.

5. Our little boy is hospitalize at the age of 17 days for 5 days for neonatal sepsis. Our very first experience of hospitalization, it is indeed heart-breaking and I don’t want to experience it again.


6. Sam’s first Ice-skating experience at MOA.¬†After this, she really wants to ice-skate again.

7. Company Outing at Cagbalete Island Quezon. Another outing with sam.She really enjoyed the beach, it shows on her color afterwards.


8. Sam’s first day as Prep, parenting seminar for NKP. Our second time to attend a parenting seminar, and again hubby and I enjoyed it,additional knowledge for us


9. Jed’s 3rd month and my 3oth birthday. I maybe 30 but I still feel and look young :D.


10.¬†Tagaytay family get-away. First family get-away for both sides celebrating our little boy’s fourth month. Tiring yet fun-filled day.

11. Hubby’s 30th birthday. We both feel and look young.Lol ūüėÄ

12. Sam enrolled for ballet class for her Saturday Pleasure Activity. She told me that she wanted to ballet again,inspired by the cartoon, Angelina ballerina

13. Lingo ng WIka Celebration at Sam’s school. Our second time to watch the NKP during the Lingo ng Wika program.

14. I started my blog. A long time ago passion, but it’s only now that i put it into action


15. Sam’s field trip. Our first time in their school. Sam enjoyed it and me too ūüėÄ

16. Sam as flower girl in her Tita’s wedding. It’s hubby’s cousin’s wedding. Tatay as one of the ninongs and Sam as one of the flower girls.


17. First family trip/vacation in HK.  We had a blast, pockets are empty but memories are overwhelming. We hope that next time, Jed will be with us.


18. Sam’s first theater recital. Another mommy proud moment.

19. Sam’s first mall show. Continuation of their recital.

20. Year end party in the office. Masquerade theme party,first time for the two kids to attend.

* All months are also highlighted with milestones of my two kids, learning of new things, new found friends, trials and hardships, blessings and more.

This all happened in 2010. I hope and pray that there are lot more store for me this 2011.


Sunday’s Best

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Hubby and kids are sleeping. How I wish to extend the hours of weekends ( esp. Sunday since we still have work on Saturdays) to have more time for the family. I missed my kids everyday. I guessed that’s the hardest sacrifice for a working mom like me, missing their kids and not being there to witnessed their everyday’s milestones. I just have to stick to the thought of “Quality time over Quantity of time“.

To my precious treasures,

Mom’s may not be physically with you most of the time, but remember that there’s no single moment that you left mommy’s mind. I love both of you very much.

My little treasures

Another busy day awaits me tomorrow. Need to sign off. Have a blessed night everyone! Be thankful for this day!


On Politics

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Politics are politics. It’s anywhere, school, work place, community etc.

It’s so sad to think that politics are indeed dirty. ¬†Few politicians are God fearing, honest and true to their aspirations to help their country/community. In the recent barangay election, I feel for my Tatay (who is running for Kagawad in our baranggay) and his team for not getting any positions. Their rivals obviously played a trick. Vote buying even on the day of the election itself.

I feel sad and sorry for those people who sold their votes for a hundred bucks. They don’t know what they’re doing. They never thought that the votes that they sold meant years of corruption again.

Well, that’s the real score of politics in our country. Let’s just hope for the best and pray that God will touched the heart of those politicians.

Light Heart

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Yesterday’s heavy heart is now gone.

Last night before retiring to bed, I wholeheartedly talk to GOD and ask HIM to remove all the heaviness in my heart and replaced it with love,hope and¬†gratefulness. I humbly asked HIM to constantly touched my heart and make me lived day by day with HIS teachings so that I won’t nurture negative feelings. Well I’m just a human with strong emotions and¬†empathy, it’s a weakness¬†¬†that I’m not proud of but I can say that in some way it’s also my strength.

This morning, I wake up gratefully thanking our CREATOR for another day. I ask for guidance and understanding, patience and humility.

I face this day with a light heart.

My Tinker bell

This smile reminds me how beautiful life is


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Hello there! Haven’t blog for days due to my hectic schedule :D. Just to give you an update;

Weekends have been great, my in-laws spent Saturday night with us. They surely missed their grandchildren. Sam missed them too, and was very excited the night before. So after her ballet lessons, we bring her back home and didn’t bring her in the office (it was our¬†usual ¬†practice during Saturdays to bring her in the office). Her whole day is spent playing with her ate (hubby’s niece), and making fun with Nanay and Tatay, she even slept with them (it’s the first time that Sam didn’t sleep with us). Well ¬†I guess I need to ¬†get used to Sam not sleeping with us in preparation for her sleeping in her own room (probably next year,when her room is finally constructed). I must admit that up until now, I still have a hard time accepting that Sam will need to sleep in a different room (maternal attachment?!)

Jed on the other hand, is getting more active and playful. His giggles filled up the entire house whenever we our playing with him. He even rolled fast,in less than a minute he can entirely rolled on the entire bed. He also now enjoys his ate’s walker, being able to move backwards and a little bit forward ūüėÄ (maybe he will be able to walk on his own before he turns one,just like Sam).

Sunday, I was able again to conquer the kitchen as I cooked another experimental recipe with ingredients I just found in my cupboard. Another pasta dish, and guess what, I finally used the¬†parsley¬†that hubby successfully grow (so happy that I’m excited to use the Basil as well). So far, so good, the taste passed the palate of my critic daughter :D. Next time, I will start to take pictures of the dishes that I made for just for the record.

Monday, is again a busy workday starter. Client calls that need to attend to, follow ups on certain project, document reviews etc, and a visit to my dentist during lunch break . I also felt accomplished because after weeks of reading forums and blogs,  I was able to draft the  budget, itinerary and other related stuff for our trip this November (so excited!!!)  just for a start. My sister-in-law also sent me a message confirming our accommodation (very glad about it :D)

Tuesday, I took a half day from work to attend a parent’s orientation in Sams school for the upcoming field trip next week. I also do ¬†some errand on my way home to make the most out of the free time. Finally able to buy headphones for me and hubby and a copy of Dan Brown’s novel the ¬†Lost Symbol ( I really want this for a long time). The orientation did not took long and I was home early than expected. Still had playtime with the kids, oh how much I loved going home early :D!. While waiting for hubby to come home, I started to read my new novel, I just hope that with this busy schedule, I will be able to finish it within a week (fingers crossed).

Have a great weekend…

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Weekends are family day for us working parents. Having to work from Monday to ¬†Saturday, we really make sure that weekends are spent with the kids. Every Saturday, we bring the kids in the office (there still office during Saturday) to make up for the whole week.We hardly see them awake when we arrived home on weekdays. That’s the sacrifice every working parent has to undertake for the sake of the little ones.

Happy weekend everyone! Let’s make the most out of it! Quality of time! Ciao!!!

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