Mommy and Me Monday #4 – Sam’s Birthday


It’s my fourth post for Mommy and Me Monday.

Last January 29, we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday and because of this, I’m posting photos from all the birthdays that she had for today’s Mommy and Me Monday

Taken on her 1st birthday - 2006

2nd Birthday - 2007

3rd Birthday - 2008

4th Birthday - 2009

5th Birthday - 2010

6th Birthday - 2011

Happy Mommy and Me Monday everyone.


Mommy and Me Monday #3


My 3rd post for Mommy and Me Monday

Photos taken from our company’s Christmas Party with Masquerade Theme

By the Buffet Table 😀

Hubby and Me with Doc Ethel

With our little prince

Me and my Princess

Us - My Lifelong Escort 😀

It’s a night to remember, its the first time for the kids to attend an event like this. 😀

Mommy and Me Monday #2


Having kids means invitations to kiddie parties.

These photos are taken during the 1st birthday of my best friend’s son.

Stop over at work before the party

My little boy amaze with Jollibee

Us (Me,Sam and Jed) with the Birthday Celebrant and his dad

Mommy and Me #1


My first entry post for Mommy and Me Monday.

20 Minutes before 2011

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