A while ago, I accessed my Friendster account which I haven’t seen for more than a year. Browsing my profile, I found out that I have started to blog way back 2005. So sad that WP doesn’t support importing posts from Friendster, I just had to manually add old posts here,since this will be my official blogging site. Here are some of my selected posts

Thoughts for you…

by JADE (June 24,1999)

I never really imagined that somehow
on the midst of my emptiness,
on the times that i was really desperate
seeking for the answers,
searching for my true self
God, would be very generous
for lending me You

Yes,you are one of God’s greatest gift to me
You came at the right time to save me
from that midst of emptiness
You gave me all the answers
that I’ve been longing for
You opened my eyes to the real world
that’s why I’ve been able to see
what I ‘ought to see

You taught me how to be strong
to stand still as a tree,
when storms kept on bringing me down
You believed in me
that’s why I start to believe in myself
You never let me down
for You were always there
To listen,to comfort,to understand,
to guide,to cheer and most especially to LOVE.

Words are not enough to tell You
How grateful I am
for all the these things that you’ve done
and I want You to know
that I could’nt asked for more
but for You not to get tired
of doing these things
And for God not to get You back away from me,
but for Him to give You to me
Not just for lend but for completely…

this poem was my very first composition.i never thought that i have this poetic side inside me,i’ve written this poem for my honey to tell him what i trully feel inside me,i’m really thankful coz he came into my life on the time that i think i could never learned to love again…