Eight years ago, I can fit into small-size clothes,26-inched waist pants and just weighed 95 to 100 lbs and now being a busy working-mom I was not able to shred the extra weight I gained during pregnancy and voila …

An astounding 60.7 Kilos (133.54 lbs) weight of mine - as of today

Having a height of 5’2″ and with a medium frame built (click here on how to identify your body frame built) , I was supposed to have a weight between the range of  118-132 lbs (see reference table) , so I guess you already know how many kilos that I need to shred to achieved my ideal body weight.

I need to be fit and healthy that’s why I need to be motivated. I know that with some exercise and healthy eating habits, plus a little bit of discipline I can be 7 kilos less in months time.

Today is the start of it. Wish me luck 😀