On Politics

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Politics are politics. It’s anywhere, school, work place, community etc.

It’s so sad to think that politics are indeed dirty.  Few politicians are God fearing, honest and true to their aspirations to help their country/community. In the recent barangay election, I feel for my Tatay (who is running for Kagawad in our baranggay) and his team for not getting any positions. Their rivals obviously played a trick. Vote buying even on the day of the election itself.

I feel sad and sorry for those people who sold their votes for a hundred bucks. They don’t know what they’re doing. They never thought that the votes that they sold meant years of corruption again.

Well, that’s the real score of politics in our country. Let’s just hope for the best and pray that God will touched the heart of those politicians.


Health is wealth

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Colds and cough are invading our home 😦

Me and the kids have colds and Sam have cough as well.

Blame it to the weather. Hope we all get well soon.

Let’s all take care of our health. 😀


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