A Barbie Giveaway


Found another giveaway hosted by Charlotte – My Sweet Little Princess, and the prizes are

1. Barbie Fabulously Pink Body Powder

2. Barbie Fabulously Pink Hand Sanitizer

3. Barbie Fabulously Pink Cologne

4. Just for girls mini hair clips

Sam will surely enjoy this goodies since she really likes barbie :D.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that luck will stay by my side during selection of winner :D.

Good luck to everyone!




Thanksgiving Giveaway from Pinay Mommy Online

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I have  indeed much to be thankful for last year and everyday of my life.

After all the difficulties in pregnancy, I safely delivered my second child, a bouncing baby boy. Another blessing from God. After 17 days, my baby is admitted in the hospital for neonatal sepsis, this is so far the most scariest time in my life, but with God’s help,all is well after 5 long days.

I’m very thankful also for the new friends that I met, for keeping us safe in all our travels, for a healthy body for me and the rest of the family. It is also last year that we experienced our first family travel/vacation in Hongkong for five days, that is really memorable for us especially for Sam who really enjoyed it.

Last to be thankful for the year 2010 is to finally have the nerve to start blogging :D. It is a long time dream for me but only came to reality last August.

I know that what i wrote here are just few of the things i’m very thankful of. I might experienced difficulties at times but I know I am continuously blessed by God and I’m very great full / thankful for that :D.

Oh by the way, I’m also thankful because of blogging, I’m able to join give aways/ promos from fellow bloggers like Pinay Mommy Online

To view all the give away details, just click the image below.

We would like to thank all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

Pinay Mommy Online
Proud Mommy of Three
My Tots Exactly!
My Tummy Calls
Azumi – Kawaii Princess’ Story
Worth’s World
Make Money Online
E! FashionTalk.com
One Proud Momma
Marikenya’s Travel and Resource Blog
The Miscellaneous Me
Family and Home Living
Meet and Greet
Joys in Life
All About Her
Viva Pinay
Stylish Voyager
Written by Mys
Cinco Online
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i am woman hear me rawr
Lifestyle & Homemaking
Kero’s Celebration
The Peregrinator
I Love Hate Blogging
Web Design Philippines
Make Money Blog
Lovingly Mama
Princess Wannabe
Contest Buff
Earn Dollars Pinoy!
Pensive Thoughts
Happy Home Working
jared’s little corner of the world…
Nutrition and Health Care
The Domain Angel
Eat, Drink, Blog
Our Kids Plus Us

If you want to join in this fabulous giveaways, please visit Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway post.

Good luck to us all!

ACmomCee’s Happy Home Working Giveaway

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I’ve been busy this past few days with work that I haven’t done my daily dose of blog visits and joined the weekly meme’s from my blogrolls. This morning as I checked my email, I received another comment to be moderated from AC, my newly meet online friend and found out that she’s sponsoring a giveaway :D. To take a break and relieve me from corporate stress, might as well spend some minutes and try my luck by joining.

What is store for the winner?

FIVE (5) LUCKY WINNERS WILL RECEIVE THE SAME 4 FLAVORS!!! (U.S. Residents ONLY) of Girard’s Premium Dressing



(THIS CONTEST RUNS FROM January 25 to February 5)

I really want to win the items from Girard since my family loves salads too (we usually use the typical thousand island dressing for our salad since other salad dressings here are a bit pricey),but obviously I’m not capable of that, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for the 20$ Paypal cash (just enough fund for me to host my blog on a domain :D) .

For the complete details on this giveaway, check Happy Home Working by ACmomCee.

Good luck to us all whose joining! 😀

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