Today is Sam’s pictorial for their ballet recital. I cannot accompany her because I’m saving my last leave for more important event, like their school Christmas presentation. Thank God, Grandma is there to the rescue :D.

Sam started to ballet when she is 3 years old. I enrolled her in a summer class where she attended 10 sessions of basic ballet with her friend Ate Alex. They also had their recital that time. That was her first performance in stage and being 3, she had her “sumpong”. When it’s their time to perform, she is already in tears and doesn’t want to go up the stage, I’m glad that in the end even while crying, my little girl still performed.I had tears on my eyes the rest of the performance,my heart is overwhelming with pride and joy :D.

After the summer sessions, I asked her if she want to continue with the ballet, and she answered it with a BIG NO. She said that she don’t want it anymore because it only gave her body pains. I thought that’s the end of it. This year, there’s a new show in TV that she enjoyed watching, it’s Angelina Ballerina. It’s about a mouse who is into ballet. One day she said “Mommy, I want to ballet again”. After many times of confirming to her if she really wants it, I enrolled her in their school’s ballet class.

Now I know that she is enjoying every session. She’s better now than two years ago. She is attentively listening and following their coach.

We’re excited for their recital this December 😀

Sam two years ago,when she's 3 yo in one of their class

Sam at present,5 yo, during their pictorial