Mommy Moments – Valentines 2011


Feb 14 is just an ordinary day for us. We woke up with the usual ‘good morning greet’. No fancy lines like ‘happy valentines, etc’. Hubby and I strongly believe that love should not be celebrated in just a day or two,every single moment, love must always be present,felt and showed.

I went to office and Hubby went straight to his client in Laguna. Our workplace has this ‘love is on the air’ feeling. Everyone seems giddy and excited to go home.Some even received flower deliveries. Facebook and Tweeter are flooding with Valentine greetings :D.

About 5 p.m. I received a text from Hubby saying that he’s on his way to manila. It’s weird since his usual practice is to go straight home when he had a client visit somewhere south (we’re from Cavite and it’s just practical to go straight home) . He surprised me with a box of chocolates placed on the passenger’s seat :D. He told me that he thought of giving me some flowers but changed his mind and bought chocolates instead. Then we ate dinner somewhere in MOA. It’s not really a date cause we usually grab a bite on our way home (especially when we are sure that we are going to face a heavy traffic :D).

A box of Ferrero, my fave... ūüėÄ

While waiting for our food

My better half ūüėÄ

I’m really blessed for having a wonderful husband.

We went home a bit late, and was greeted by a card made by Sam.

Sam is so thoughtful, that every occasion she never fail to give us something that she especially made

Mommy loves you too my little girl ūüėÄ

Happy Hearts day to all!


Mommy Moments – Dear Baby

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To my dearest Deianira Sammara,

My Princess

The day that I learned that I’m having you was a major turning point in my life. I grew without the presence of my mother and father thus I don’t want you to experience that. The first time that I heard your heart beat during a prenatal checkup, I still can’t believe that inside me there is life that in just a few months time will be my own. The first time I held you in my arms, I know that I will love you the rest of my life. I love you so much my sweetie. Your growing fast and I’m a bit afraid of it. I want to be the best mom for you! May God make me an instrument to guide and hone you as a God fearing individual with good values. Take care always!

with all Love,


To my little boy Jed Nathaniel,

My little Prince

You are another best gift from GOD. Our little angel. Just like your sister, I will love you as long as I live. Your sweet smile every morning makes up my day. I hope that mommy will be your number one girl :D. I pray that you will grow as a gentleman with good heart. Loving you so much my little prince!

with all Love,


My post for Mommy Moments.

I am indeed blessed and very happy for having a chance to be mom to these two wonderful gift from GOD. I love them very much with all my heart ūüėÄ

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway

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Yey! Another Blogversary Giveaway to join.

Mommy Chris of Chris Chronicles is celebrating her blog’s anniversary and is very generous enough to give the ff. prizes

1st winner will get $100

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4th winner will get blogger/wordpress template

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I’ve been joining many blog giveaways and I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky enough to win. What will I do with the prize? For the monetary part, I would like to allot it for the ff :

1. hosting domain for my blogs ( this one and Mum @ works Kitchen Wonders)

2. My daughter will be graduating this march and I want to surprise her with a graduation gift.

3. Gift also for my son ( who will turn one year old this April)

4. Savings for future expenses.

Well, I already have a long list for the prize :D.

Good luck to us all!

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One Proud Mama

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I am really very proud of my daughter Sam. She made it for this term’s Red Honors List. I admit that I am not that full handed in terms of Sam’s schooling i.e. reviews and lessons catch up everyday. I¬†usually¬†go home late with Sam already asleep and it’s only in the morning that we’ll have the quick Q & A about her lessons. I guessed that’s the¬†dilemma¬†of a working mom like me *sad .

Great job my Ate Sam. Keep it up. We are all very proud of you. We love you!

Mommy Moments – Love Song


I’m glad to catch up with this weeks MM.

This is also for my daughter who recently celebrated her birthday.She’s fond of Disney movies and one of her favorite is¬†Tinker bell.Now that my daughter is way past toddler hood and already a kid, she is starting to show her independence,having her own preference in food,clothes etc.She’s starting to build her own personality but in spite of that I want her to know that even as she grow old mommy will¬†forever¬†be there for her no matter what. I will support and guide her whatever her heart desires.

Fly To Your Heart Lyrics

Watch all the flowers
Dance with the wind
Listen to snowflakes
Whisper your name
Feel all the wonder
Lifting your dreams
You can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings
To your heart

Touch every rainbow
Painting the sky
Look at the magic
Glide through your life
A sprinkle of pixie dust
Circles the night you can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread
Your wings

You can fly
To your heart
(Fly, fly)

Rise to the heights of all
You can be
(Fly, fly)

Soar on the hope of
Marvelous things

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread
Your wings
you can fly to your heart

Happy Mommy Moments

A Barbie Giveaway


Found another giveaway hosted by Charlotte – My Sweet Little Princess, and the prizes are

1. Barbie Fabulously Pink Body Powder

2. Barbie Fabulously Pink Hand Sanitizer

3. Barbie Fabulously Pink Cologne

4. Just for girls mini hair clips

Sam will surely enjoy this goodies since she really likes barbie :D.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that luck will stay by my side during selection of winner :D.

Good luck to everyone!



Thanksgiving Giveaway from Pinay Mommy Online

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I have  indeed much to be thankful for last year and everyday of my life.

After all the difficulties in pregnancy, I safely delivered my second child, a bouncing baby boy. Another blessing from God. After 17 days, my baby is admitted in the hospital for neonatal sepsis, this is so far the most scariest time in my life, but with God’s help,all is well after 5 long days.

I’m very thankful also for the new friends that I met, for keeping us safe in all our travels, for a healthy body for me and the rest of the family. It is also last year that we experienced our first family travel/vacation in Hongkong for five days, that is really memorable for us especially for Sam who really enjoyed it.

Last to be thankful for the year 2010 is to finally have the nerve to start blogging :D. It is a long time dream for me but only came to reality last August.

I know that what i wrote here are just few of the things i’m very thankful of. I might experienced difficulties at times but I know I am continuously blessed by God and I’m very great full / thankful for that :D.

Oh by the way, I’m also thankful because of blogging, I’m able to join give aways/ promos from fellow bloggers like Pinay Mommy Online

To view all the give away details, just click the image below.

We would like to thank all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

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If you want to join in this fabulous giveaways, please visit Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway post.

Good luck to us all!

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