Work @ 2011

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Today is the official start of work for 2011.

Hoping for a better, fun, new-learning,exciting job assignments for me. I pray that the spark will be back and that the working environment will be as motivating, non-ego and talk-behind-the-back free as it was before. May we all be guided by His love and wisdom, be bless with new clients and accounts and more doors of opportunity to open.

Cheers for 2011!


It’s a Holiday :D

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Tomorrow is a holiday :D.

Malacañang declared November 16 as a special non working holiday in celebration of Islamic religious  Eid’l Adha. Another day to spend with the kids.Just a bit sad because I’ve got a call that my Sam has a fever, tonsillitis struck again :|. Don’t worry sweetie, Mom’s home to take care of you.

Happy holiday tomorrow!

Drowsing …

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Been very sleepy since morning **yawn.

On the way to work, I’m not been a good companion to hubby. I cannot participate in our usual chat because the moment I rest my head, my brain will be in a sleep mode. The culprit, my little boy waking up a quarter before 4 am :D. I don’t mind waking up that early, it’s our bonding time, it’s just today it’s a bit early that my body clock is adjusting again.

This morning, Jed enjoys playing with his shadow. He’s very curious at this black moving thing on the wall, the more he moves the black thing moves also. LOL.

I really need to fight this drowsing off or else I cannot finish my work. Glad that blogging on the side keeps me from snoozing :D. I hope a cup of coffee would do the trick.

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