I was searching Google when somehow I stumbled upon this blog. I can’t believed that with almost 7 months of inactivity, WP didn’t delete this site. When I decided to pursue blogging last year, this baby came into life and has been my humble abode for about 7 months. The first and only (so far) online earning that I experienced was thru this site.

As of this writing I was able to maintain 3 blogs, My Thoughts in Letters (the mirror of this site in its own domain), My GOD-send gifts (a site dedicated to my precious ones), mommy-chef-in-progress (a site about what I am most passionate about). It was indeed an effort for me maintaining these blogs during my free time (night time), and I guessed that was the reason why online earning opportunities were still out of my grasp :(. Though I don’t mind it that much since the first reason I’m into blogging was because of passion (don’t get me wrong, I still loved and is very much willing to received online earning opportunities if GOD’s will), I think I can still go on with an additional blog to maintain :D.

Yes, starting today, this site will again be written. There will be a change in the topics posted here, but still everything will be originally written by me.

So again, welcome to my site!