Mommy Moments – Valentines 2011


Feb 14 is just an ordinary day for us. We woke up with the usual ‘good morning greet’. No fancy lines like ‘happy valentines, etc’. Hubby and I strongly believe that love should not be celebrated in just a day or two,every single moment, love must always be present,felt and showed.

I went to office and Hubby went straight to his client in Laguna. Our workplace has this ‘love is on the air’ feeling. Everyone seems giddy and excited to go home.Some even received flower deliveries. Facebook and Tweeter are flooding with Valentine greetings :D.

About 5 p.m. I received a text from Hubby saying that he’s on his way to manila. It’s weird since his usual practice is to go straight home when he had a client visit somewhere south (we’re from Cavite and it’s just practical to go straight home) . He surprised me with a box of chocolates placed on the passenger’s seat :D. He told me that he thought of giving me some flowers but changed his mind and bought chocolates instead. Then we ate dinner somewhere in MOA. It’s not really a date cause we usually grab a bite on our way home (especially when we are sure that we are going to face a heavy traffic :D).

A box of Ferrero, my fave... 😀

While waiting for our food

My better half 😀

I’m really blessed for having a wonderful husband.

We went home a bit late, and was greeted by a card made by Sam.

Sam is so thoughtful, that every occasion she never fail to give us something that she especially made

Mommy loves you too my little girl 😀

Happy Hearts day to all!


Mommy Moments – Dear Baby

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To my dearest Deianira Sammara,

My Princess

The day that I learned that I’m having you was a major turning point in my life. I grew without the presence of my mother and father thus I don’t want you to experience that. The first time that I heard your heart beat during a prenatal checkup, I still can’t believe that inside me there is life that in just a few months time will be my own. The first time I held you in my arms, I know that I will love you the rest of my life. I love you so much my sweetie. Your growing fast and I’m a bit afraid of it. I want to be the best mom for you! May God make me an instrument to guide and hone you as a God fearing individual with good values. Take care always!

with all Love,


To my little boy Jed Nathaniel,

My little Prince

You are another best gift from GOD. Our little angel. Just like your sister, I will love you as long as I live. Your sweet smile every morning makes up my day. I hope that mommy will be your number one girl :D. I pray that you will grow as a gentleman with good heart. Loving you so much my little prince!

with all Love,


My post for Mommy Moments.

I am indeed blessed and very happy for having a chance to be mom to these two wonderful gift from GOD. I love them very much with all my heart 😀

Mommy Moments – Love Song


I’m glad to catch up with this weeks MM.

This is also for my daughter who recently celebrated her birthday.She’s fond of Disney movies and one of her favorite is Tinker bell.Now that my daughter is way past toddler hood and already a kid, she is starting to show her independence,having her own preference in food,clothes etc.She’s starting to build her own personality but in spite of that I want her to know that even as she grow old mommy will forever be there for her no matter what. I will support and guide her whatever her heart desires.

Fly To Your Heart Lyrics

Watch all the flowers
Dance with the wind
Listen to snowflakes
Whisper your name
Feel all the wonder
Lifting your dreams
You can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings
To your heart

Touch every rainbow
Painting the sky
Look at the magic
Glide through your life
A sprinkle of pixie dust
Circles the night you can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread
Your wings

You can fly
To your heart
(Fly, fly)

Rise to the heights of all
You can be
(Fly, fly)

Soar on the hope of
Marvelous things

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread
Your wings
you can fly to your heart

Happy Mommy Moments

Mommy and Me Monday #4 – Sam’s Birthday


It’s my fourth post for Mommy and Me Monday.

Last January 29, we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday and because of this, I’m posting photos from all the birthdays that she had for today’s Mommy and Me Monday

Taken on her 1st birthday - 2006

2nd Birthday - 2007

3rd Birthday - 2008

4th Birthday - 2009

5th Birthday - 2010

6th Birthday - 2011

Happy Mommy and Me Monday everyone.

ACmomCee’s Happy Home Working Giveaway

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I’ve been busy this past few days with work that I haven’t done my daily dose of blog visits and joined the weekly meme’s from my blogrolls. This morning as I checked my email, I received another comment to be moderated from AC, my newly meet online friend and found out that she’s sponsoring a giveaway :D. To take a break and relieve me from corporate stress, might as well spend some minutes and try my luck by joining.

What is store for the winner?

FIVE (5) LUCKY WINNERS WILL RECEIVE THE SAME 4 FLAVORS!!! (U.S. Residents ONLY) of Girard’s Premium Dressing



(THIS CONTEST RUNS FROM January 25 to February 5)

I really want to win the items from Girard since my family loves salads too (we usually use the typical thousand island dressing for our salad since other salad dressings here are a bit pricey),but obviously I’m not capable of that, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for the 20$ Paypal cash (just enough fund for me to host my blog on a domain :D) .

For the complete details on this giveaway, check Happy Home Working by ACmomCee.

Good luck to us all whose joining! 😀

Mommy Moments – New Achievements


MM’s theme for this week is New Achievements.

Well for my kids, I can say that their new achievement is the bonding that they share. My daughter is starting to be really into this “Ate” thing. She really loves her brother. Although I can feel that there are times that she almost felt jealous over her brother, but it would only last for minutes, and then she will realized that she should not feel that way because we love them equally. As for our little boy, he enjoys playing and cuddling with us especially her Ate.

Picture time with Ate

Cuddling Time

As for my achievement, I was able to finally bake my own cupcake. It’s not that perfect yet, the taste is good but the bread easily crumbles. But still, I’m proud of it, it’s a great start, yey!

Choco-Butter Cupcakes

That’s our new achievements so far. I’m sure there’ll be more in months time.

Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

Mommy and Me Monday #3


My 3rd post for Mommy and Me Monday

Photos taken from our company’s Christmas Party with Masquerade Theme

By the Buffet Table 😀

Hubby and Me with Doc Ethel

With our little prince

Me and my Princess

Us - My Lifelong Escort 😀

It’s a night to remember, its the first time for the kids to attend an event like this. 😀

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