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I’m very happy and proud to announce that this site has finally acquired it’s own domain name :D.

Yippee! By God’s grace an opportunity is opened for me to have my own domain with the assistance of Ma Belle of

This might be my last post using this and will start making arrangements and organizations to my new site. With this, I’m praying that online opportunities will soon arrived.

You can checked me here at

Happy Blogging everyone!


Mommy Moments – Dear Baby

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To my dearest Deianira Sammara,

My Princess

The day that I learned that I’m having you was a major turning point in my life. I grew without the presence of my mother and father thus I don’t want you to experience that. The first time that I heard your heart beat during a prenatal checkup, I still can’t believe that inside me there is life that in just a few months time will be my own. The first time I held you in my arms, I know that I will love you the rest of my life. I love you so much my sweetie. Your growing fast and I’m a bit afraid of it. I want to be the best mom for you! May God make me an instrument to guide and hone you as a God fearing individual with good values. Take care always!

with all Love,


To my little boy Jed Nathaniel,

My little Prince

You are another best gift from GOD. Our little angel. Just like your sister, I will love you as long as I live. Your sweet smile every morning makes up my day. I hope that mommy will be your number one girl :D. I pray that you will grow as a gentleman with good heart. Loving you so much my little prince!

with all Love,


My post for Mommy Moments.

I am indeed blessed and very happy for having a chance to be mom to these two wonderful gift from GOD. I love them very much with all my heart 😀

2011’s Official Holiday

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As written in the Proclamation No. 84 signed by our dear President Aquino, these are the list of the official Public Holidays.

The following days will be Regular Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1 (Saturday)
  • Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Saturday)
  • Maundy Thursday – April 21
  • Good Friday – April 22
  • Labor Day – May 1 (Sunday)
  • Independence Day – June 12 (Sunday)
  • National Heroes Day – August 29 (Last Monday of August)
  • Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Wednesday)
  • Christmas Day – December 25 (Sunday)
  • Rizal Day – December 30 (Friday)

The following days are Special Non-Working Days:

  • Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Sunday)
  • All Saints Day – November 1 (Tuesday)
  • Last Day of the Year – December 31 (Saturday)

And a day will be Special Holiday (for all schools):

  • EDSA Revolution Anniversary – February 25 (Friday)

The proclamation also have provisions for the national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha, but the exact date is still to be determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar.

This might help you in planning your trip ahead. Cheers! 😀

It all happened in 2010

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2010 is indeed another year to cherished. Good and bad things happened,the important is we learned from our mistakes and still thankful for everything.

These are the highlights of my/our year 2010.


1. Bought a new digital camera. Our old digital camera gave-up on us.We had it for five years. I really want an SLR, but the budget won’t permit us to have one,so we just get a canon digital camera.

2. Sam turned 5, celebrated her birthday in the school and a small gathering in our house for her friends. Time is indeed fast.


3. Sam’s moving up activity in the school. She’s done with Kinder and i’m hoping she’s ready for Prep 😀


4. Gave birth, we named him Jed Nathaniel. The first boy in the family. He’s really an angel to us.

5. Our little boy is hospitalize at the age of 17 days for 5 days for neonatal sepsis. Our very first experience of hospitalization, it is indeed heart-breaking and I don’t want to experience it again.


6. Sam’s first Ice-skating experience at MOA. After this, she really wants to ice-skate again.

7. Company Outing at Cagbalete Island Quezon. Another outing with sam.She really enjoyed the beach, it shows on her color afterwards.


8. Sam’s first day as Prep, parenting seminar for NKP. Our second time to attend a parenting seminar, and again hubby and I enjoyed it,additional knowledge for us


9. Jed’s 3rd month and my 3oth birthday. I maybe 30 but I still feel and look young :D.


10. Tagaytay family get-away. First family get-away for both sides celebrating our little boy’s fourth month. Tiring yet fun-filled day.

11. Hubby’s 30th birthday. We both feel and look young.Lol 😀

12. Sam enrolled for ballet class for her Saturday Pleasure Activity. She told me that she wanted to ballet again,inspired by the cartoon, Angelina ballerina

13. Lingo ng WIka Celebration at Sam’s school. Our second time to watch the NKP during the Lingo ng Wika program.

14. I started my blog. A long time ago passion, but it’s only now that i put it into action


15. Sam’s field trip. Our first time in their school. Sam enjoyed it and me too 😀

16. Sam as flower girl in her Tita’s wedding. It’s hubby’s cousin’s wedding. Tatay as one of the ninongs and Sam as one of the flower girls.


17. First family trip/vacation in HK.  We had a blast, pockets are empty but memories are overwhelming. We hope that next time, Jed will be with us.


18. Sam’s first theater recital. Another mommy proud moment.

19. Sam’s first mall show. Continuation of their recital.

20. Year end party in the office. Masquerade theme party,first time for the two kids to attend.

* All months are also highlighted with milestones of my two kids, learning of new things, new found friends, trials and hardships, blessings and more.

This all happened in 2010. I hope and pray that there are lot more store for me this 2011.


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Happy New Year !

Let’s all welcome this year with faith and hope in our hearts!

God Bless us all!

Family welcomes the New Year 😀

Hongkong Day 5

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Our fifth and last day in HK. It’s still raining :D. We cancelled our plan in going to Ngong Pin (Giant Buddha) because its foggy and raining, instead we decided to go shopping for pasalubong.

On top of Hubby’s list is a branded perfume. I’ve read in PEX site that perfumes are cheaper there, so in spite of the heavy rain, we checked out, leaved our baggage at Taisan and off we go to do shopping.

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Highlights of Day 5 – our last day

Bonjour and Sassa ( this stores are almost everywhere, they sell cosmetics, perfumes etc)

– Lung shing dispensary – along grainville road.Dispensary is pharmacy in HK. But they are known also to sell branded perfumes and cosmetics. There are many people when we reached the place, after looking around, we leaved the place empty handed.

– Hopewell Dispensary – from Lung shing, we walk our way back, then this dispensary caught my eye. I forgot the exact address but it’s not along Grainville Road. It is on one of the  streets on your left side if your walking along Grainvilled Road towards Nathan Road. They sell branded tester perfume for a really cheap price. This is where we bought my Bulgari 100 ml tester and Dolce Blue 5ml, and hubby’s Issey Miyaki. Hubby is very happy with the purchase :D.

– Mirador Mansion  – This is where we bought Souvenir shirt. 5 Shirts for 100 HK$ for big size, and 6 shirts for 100 Hk$ for smaller size and Keychains worth 40 HK$ for 6 pieces.)

– City Gate Outlet – Factory Outlet of Signature clothes, shoes etc. We bought Crocs for the kids and Giordano shirts and Caps. There are many people and I think a half-day won’t be enough if you will do your shopping here.

– HKIA – We took a cab from City Gate Outlet to HKIA. Our flight is 7:30 PM, and we were there at around 5 PM. The airport is so huge that we don’t want to cram ourselves thus allotting plenty of our time .

– Goodbye Hongkong, see you again next time 😀

We will definitely miss Hongkong. We thought that a 4N/5D stay would be enough. Well, it is if you will compare it to a 2N/3D stay on our first trip.

On our last day, we merely took pictures . Maybe we still hadn’t grasp the thought that in just few hours our vacation will end :(.

*Tips – If your planning to shop, give at least one day for it. For me, 5 days is still not enough :D. Pictures and more pictures. In case you missed Hongkong, browsing your photo collections will relieve the memories. City Gate Outlet is a must-see place because of the cheap price of branded items,that is if you plan to shop.

Expenses for Day 5

Rent Balance – HK$ 520 ( our total bill is HK$ 1,020 less the the HK$ 500 down)

Perfume – HK$ 528 ( consists of Issey Miyake 100 ml – HK$ 277, Bulgari 100 ml HK$ 185, Dolce 5ml – HK$ 38 and Burberry 5 ml – HK$ 28)

Souvenir Shirts – HK $ 240 (consists of 7 small size and 6 big size, got a ref magnet for free )

Keychains – HK $ 210 ( consists of 5 sets of 6 pieces keychain got a ref magnet for free)

Handcrafted Slipper – HK$ 25

Giordano Polo Shirt – HK$ 250 ( for 3 pieces)

Giordano Cap – HK$ 70 ( for 2 pieces)

Crocs – HK$ 366 ( Sam – HK$ 168, Jed – HK$ 198, cheaper than in the store in TST)

Chocolates – HK$ 158

Christmas Ball – HK $ 65 (cute Christmas kitty ball with gummy candies inside, great gifts for kids.Bought 4 at HK$ 16.5 each)

Brunch – HK$ 157

Snack – HK$ 66

Jed and Sam’s Toy -HK$ 280 ( Jed’s toy Cars – HK$ 100, Sam’s Princess – HK$ 180, bought at Disney souvenir store in the airport)

Total of 2,935 – All our HK dollar bills are spent, only coins are left 😀


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