Fever strikes back

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Had another restless and tiring weekend.

Sam is down with fever again since Saturday night and my little boy, have cough and cold as well. I’ve been monitoring Sam’s temperature and it seems that it’s not going down. We just had our visit to the pedia, and found out that her tonsil is still swelling and we’re prescribed again with another set of antibiotics. Poor Sam, I hope that she’ll soon feel better. She’s been into antibiotics as early as two years old and I’m afraid of the effects that it will have on her. She really lose weight. Get well soon my sweetie.


One Proud Mama

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I am really very proud of my daughter Sam. She made it for this term’s Red Honors List. I admit that I am not that full handed in terms of Sam’s schooling i.e. reviews and lessons catch up everyday. I usually go home late with Sam already asleep and it’s only in the morning that we’ll have the quick Q & A about her lessons. I guessed that’s the dilemma of a working mom like me *sad .

Great job my Ate Sam. Keep it up. We are all very proud of you. We love you!

Exam week


Exam week again.

I hope that this time I can spend more time reviewing Sam. I felt guilty because I know that I’m not giving my hundred percent in terms of reviewing her. Her teacher said that she’s doing great in school, but a little careless during exams. I know that I must not pressure her because she’s still young (she started school at the age of 3). I want her to enjoy school and at the same time inculcating her the value of education. It’s the only thing that I can give her that nobody can take away.

Since it is exam week, I might be out for a while because I’l be very busy. 😀


8th Month

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It’s our baby boy’s eight month today!

We love you very much our dear JED! Stay healthy and cheerful baby! GOD Bless you! *Hugs and kisses!

with much love and happiness because of you,

Daddy, Mommy and Ate Sam ( lolos,lolas and titas too :D)

Our little boy


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The long weekend will be again ending in just a few hours.

Saturday – Sam with her ballet classmates have their pictorial and we have to stay longer in the school. After that we head straight in the office. We brought the kids with us because we’re going to spent the night at my in-laws place.

During their pictorial.Sam standing second from the right

My Ballerina *wink










Sunday – We went to Divisoria to look for Sam’s costume for their Christmas presentation. It’s still November but the crowd is overwhelming as many shoppers from different parts of Manila and nearby provinces go to Divisoria looking for cheap bargains for gifts,clothes,toys etc. It’s very tiring day!

Today,back at home. Glad for another extra day spent with the kids. 😀 . As I wrote this blog, my kids are already sound asleep.

My angels sleeping

13th Year…


Its our 13th year as a couple!

Our path crossed 13 years ago.We’re in college that time. We started as friends, then good friends and the rest is history.

I admit that we don’t have a perfect relationship. We are continuously tested but faith,understanding,love and most of all God in the center makes our relationship stronger and always ready and prepare to whatever trials and hardships that life may throw on us.

I’m one of the lucky girls who is blessed with a wonderful partner in life and I’m always thanking our Creator for that.

To the ever reliable son,loving father,confidante, greatest friend,wonderful man,my best friend, my knight in shining armor,my partner in life ;

Happy 13 wonderful years! Thank you for everything! Love you!

A video that I created for Hubby 😀

My two front teeth

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After weeks of being fuzzy and cranky, my Jed reach again another milestone in his life. Hooray!!!

Showing of his newly erupted two front teeth

I love you babe! It’s time to scout for your toothbrush 😀

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