Feb 14 is just an ordinary day for us. We woke up with the usual ‘good morning greet’. No fancy lines like ‘happy valentines, etc’. Hubby and I strongly believe that love should not be celebrated in just a day or two,every single moment, love must always be present,felt and showed.

I went to office and Hubby went straight to his client in Laguna. Our workplace has this ‘love is on the air’ feeling. Everyone seems giddy and excited to go home.Some even received flower deliveries. Facebook and Tweeter are flooding with Valentine greetings :D.

About 5 p.m. I received a text from Hubby saying that he’s on his way to manila. It’s weird since his usual practice is to go straight home when he had a client visit somewhere south (we’re from Cavite and it’s just practical to go straight home) . He surprised me with a box of chocolates placed on the passenger’s seat :D. He told me that he thought of giving me some flowers but changed his mind and bought chocolates instead. Then we ate dinner somewhere in MOA. It’s not really a date cause we usually grab a bite on our way home (especially when we are sure that we are going to face a heavy traffic :D).

A box of Ferrero, my fave... 😀

While waiting for our food

My better half 😀

I’m really blessed for having a wonderful husband.

We went home a bit late, and was greeted by a card made by Sam.

Sam is so thoughtful, that every occasion she never fail to give us something that she especially made

Mommy loves you too my little girl 😀

Happy Hearts day to all!