I’ve been busy this past few days with work that I haven’t done my daily dose of blog visits and joined the weekly meme’s from my blogrolls. This morning as I checked my email, I received another comment to be moderated from AC, my newly meet online friend and found out that she’s sponsoring a giveaway :D. To take a break and relieve me from corporate stress, might as well spend some minutes and try my luck by joining.

What is store for the winner?

FIVE (5) LUCKY WINNERS WILL RECEIVE THE SAME 4 FLAVORS!!! (U.S. Residents ONLY) of Girard’s Premium Dressing



(THIS CONTEST RUNS FROM January 25 to February 5)

I really want to win the items from Girard since my family loves salads too (we usually use the typical thousand island dressing for our salad since other salad dressings here are a bit pricey),but obviously I’m not capable of that, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for the 20$ Paypal cash (just enough fund for me to host my blog on a domain :D) .

For the complete details on this giveaway, check Happy Home Working by ACmomCee.

Good luck to us all whose joining! 😀