MM’s theme for this week is New Achievements.

Well for my kids, I can say that their new achievement is the bonding that they share. My daughter is starting to be really into this “Ate” thing. She really loves her brother. Although I can feel that there are times that she almost felt jealous over her brother, but it would only last for minutes, and then she will realized that she should not feel that way because we love them equally. As for our little boy, he enjoys playing and cuddling with us especially her Ate.

Picture time with Ate

Cuddling Time

As for my achievement, I was able to finally bake my own cupcake. It’s not that perfect yet, the taste is good but the bread easily crumbles. But still, I’m proud of it, it’s a great start, yey!

Choco-Butter Cupcakes

That’s our new achievements so far. I’m sure there’ll be more in months time.

Happy Mommy Moments everyone!