Yesterday, we had a flat tire.Glad that it didn’t happened during our travel the night before, hubby just found out that it was flat when we are about to go to the market.

Having a car (ours was just a lend by the company where we work) was like having an additional kid in the house. You have to allot  some budget for it’s own expenses like it’s routine maintenance. These regular automotive maintenance  and point checks are necessary for the vehicle’s good performance  and longevity.

Some things that you need to know for car maintenance are oil change, brake job, wheels alignment,battery and so on. Doing this regularly will save you from bigger expenses and prevent car breakdown.

I guess that the flat tire is a reminder that Vanzie is in need of it’s regular maintenance. By the way, if your somewhere in the US, Houston to be exact, you can check Houston auto repair for a list of top rated shops and mechanics.

Happy and safe driving!