2010 is indeed another year to cherished. Good and bad things happened,the important is we learned from our mistakes and still thankful for everything.

These are the highlights of my/our year 2010.


1. Bought a new digital camera. Our old digital camera gave-up on us.We had it for five years. I really want an SLR, but the budget won’t permit us to have one,so we just get a canon digital camera.

2. Sam turned 5, celebrated her birthday in the school and a small gathering in our house for her friends. Time is indeed fast.


3. Sam’s moving up activity in the school. She’s done with Kinder and i’m hoping she’s ready for Prep 😀


4. Gave birth, we named him Jed Nathaniel. The first boy in the family. He’s really an angel to us.

5. Our little boy is hospitalize at the age of 17 days for 5 days for neonatal sepsis. Our very first experience of hospitalization, it is indeed heart-breaking and I don’t want to experience it again.


6. Sam’s first Ice-skating experience at MOA. After this, she really wants to ice-skate again.

7. Company Outing at Cagbalete Island Quezon. Another outing with sam.She really enjoyed the beach, it shows on her color afterwards.


8. Sam’s first day as Prep, parenting seminar for NKP. Our second time to attend a parenting seminar, and again hubby and I enjoyed it,additional knowledge for us


9. Jed’s 3rd month and my 3oth birthday. I maybe 30 but I still feel and look young :D.


10. Tagaytay family get-away. First family get-away for both sides celebrating our little boy’s fourth month. Tiring yet fun-filled day.

11. Hubby’s 30th birthday. We both feel and look young.Lol 😀

12. Sam enrolled for ballet class for her Saturday Pleasure Activity. She told me that she wanted to ballet again,inspired by the cartoon, Angelina ballerina

13. Lingo ng WIka Celebration at Sam’s school. Our second time to watch the NKP during the Lingo ng Wika program.

14. I started my blog. A long time ago passion, but it’s only now that i put it into action


15. Sam’s field trip. Our first time in their school. Sam enjoyed it and me too 😀

16. Sam as flower girl in her Tita’s wedding. It’s hubby’s cousin’s wedding. Tatay as one of the ninongs and Sam as one of the flower girls.


17. First family trip/vacation in HK.  We had a blast, pockets are empty but memories are overwhelming. We hope that next time, Jed will be with us.


18. Sam’s first theater recital. Another mommy proud moment.

19. Sam’s first mall show. Continuation of their recital.

20. Year end party in the office. Masquerade theme party,first time for the two kids to attend.

* All months are also highlighted with milestones of my two kids, learning of new things, new found friends, trials and hardships, blessings and more.

This all happened in 2010. I hope and pray that there are lot more store for me this 2011.