Our day 2 is scheduled for Disneyland. 😀

Based on my IT, we must be there before 10 ( Disney is open at 10 AM), but since we had a kid in tow, the said time is adjusted to 12:00. My advice for those with kids, be prepared to be delay by an hour or more, you may never know when the kids are ready to open their eyes in the morning :D.

It’s our second time at Disneyland. The first time we were there, we didn’t have the chance to take pictures with the characters.This time it’s number 1 in our list of priorities :D. We are a little bit disappointed, because there is no parade (since it is the 2nd of November, and Halloween’s just finished,they postponed the parade in preparation of their Christmas theme) and some of the theme attractions are closed too for maintenance :(. Even without a parade, it didn’t stop us to enjoy this day.

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Disneyland brings out the kid in me and hubby too. We will never get tired of it. 😀 I hope if God’s will, we would go back here again, with Sam and Jed. Our little princess really enjoyed this day, I know that this time the memories will stay with her, not unlike the first time.

Highlights of Day 2

– Rode MTR from TST to Lai King (interchange to Tung Chung Line)  then to Sunny Bay (Interchange to Disney Resort Line) -> Disneyland Resort

– Welcome to Disneyland, yahoo!

– Meet and Greet with Disney Characters

– Rode Orbitron, Airoblaster,Tea Cup

– Watched Stitch Encounter, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Small World, Philharmagic and Golden Mickeys

*Tips: Be really early if you are only going there for one day. If you can afford, booked at Disneyland or Hollywood Hotel for a night to avail the 2 day pass ticket at Disneyland Park (this is privileged given only to those who booked in the said hotels. Maximize your time to see the whole park. If planning to go there on the month of November, schedule it by the second week, so that Sparkling Christmas is all set and the weather is cold even at noon. Their Halloween celebration ends on the 31st of October, avoid rainy seasons, sayang ang lakad. 😀

Expenses for Day 1

Brunch – HK$ 110 (Clopin’s Festival of Food. We ate late, hunger is out of our dictionary that time :D)

Octopus – HK$ 100 (Top up for me and hubby)

Souvenier – HK$ 300 ( Shirt for Jed and Sam)

Dinner – HK$ 60 (Rice meal at Yoshinoya)

Total of HK$  570 – we spent less today, as much as we want to roam around after Disney, our little girl is so tired that Daddy carried her all the way back to our guest house.