We boarded in Cebu Pacific’s 5J-110 flight. Since our departure time is 7:55 A.M., we are already in the airport as early as 5 A.M. (if your on an international flight, be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your departure time. I heard that Cebu Pacific is very strict with the boarding time, that even if your arrived exactly at the allotted  time, they might not allow you to board. My cousin experienced it :D)

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Highlights of Day 1

Hello Hongkong 😀

Met Sister-in-law at HKIA.

– Rode the A21 Bus from HKIA to TST. We sat on the 2nd floor.

– Checked in at the hostel, met Ate Yolly the caretaker at Taisan.

– Rode the MTR to Central. Went inside the World Wide House to buy Disney Tickets at Sally Travel.

– Got a little lost while finding the bus terminal going to the PEAK.

– Rode Bus 15 to the PEAK. We sat again on the second floor. The travel is very exciting and thrilling.Hubby’e eyes were closed,whenever the Bus turned at a curve (nakakalula talaga, hehehe! Glad that I asked them to take Bonamine :D)

– Saw the Hongkong skyline at one of the free terraces at the Peak Galleria. I’m still at awe even if it is my second time there.

– Rode the TRAM from the PEAK.

– Rode an open two-deck bus to the Pier

– Rode a ferry from Hongkong Island to Kowloon Island.

– Watched the Symphony of Lights at the Victoria Harbour.

– Walked a long way to Nathan Road from Victoria Harbour. We lost our way again, but that’s okay :D.

– Bought the famous eggetes ( a waffle like bread sold along Nathan Road).

– Dinner at Cafe de Coral.

Our first day is very tiring but exciting. We accomplished what was written in our Iterenary for Day 1. Happy to see my Sister In law. We have lost our way twice, but it’s ok, we have our map with us.

*Tips : Always bring map (HK and MTR) with you. Prepare yourself for long walks and wear comfortable shoes. When with a kid, be ready to carry them when they get tired,usually at night after the day’s activity or else bring a handy stroller with you.Bring a bag where you can put water, snacks, first-aid kit, towels, extra clothes for your kid, etc. Octopus cards are very handy since you can use it at MTR, some Buses, ferry, 7-11 and other food outlet like Cafe de Coral.

Expenses for Day 1

Octopus Card – HK$ 470 (150 ea top up for me and hubby,SIL lend us two Adult Octopus card, and 170 card and top up for Sam )

Disney Tickets – HK$ 860 ( 315 ea for us, 230 for Sam)

Eggetes – HK$ 13

Dinner – HK$ 77 (Dined-in at Cafe de Coral.At first we cannot locate it, thanks to their small signage.)

Total of HK$ 1,430quite small if you’ll look at it in a 1 HK = 1 Peso view, just don’t do the actual conversion Lol’ 😀