Our yesterday is spent by a visit to the doctor and my-in laws as well. My Sam is feverish since Monday night and keeps on complaining about sore throat. At dawn her temperature rose up to 39.2 degree Celsius that’s why we canceled the plan of spending the day cleaning the house and organizing things to be donated.Off we go to Manila. Transferring to Cavite has its major drawback especially when the kids are sick. A long travel just to have them check  (I’m very thankful that there haven’t been an emergency that will require us to go to Manila in the middle of night).

The findings, her tonsil is very swollen and bleeding causing her to have a very high fever. Ever since, Sam’s tonsillitis is the major contributor of her being sick. She have a very sensitive tonsils. It’s her second time this year and once again the doctor remind us of the complication of frequently having tonsillitis for young kids like my Sam. I’ve done researches about it that’s why we are very strict to Sam on the foods that will trigger her tonsillitis but again this happened :|.

My poor Sam! It’s their exam week right now and she missed school today. She hadn’t eaten properly since Monday and starting to lose weight again. I been up most of the time the last two nights monitoring her fever and as a mom, I really can’t sleep well when the kids are sick. If only I can spare them and let mommy have all the pains, fever, coughs, colds etc I will do it.

I really hope and pray that in a few days my Sam will feel better.

By the way, Jed have his shots also and I’m thankful because he didn’t have fever afterwards. Feel relieve because I cannot  bear having two kids sick at the same time, my heart will surely break.