I am a proud mom.

Every milestone in my daughter’s life is an achievement for me as well. From the first smile, first word, first teeth, first crawl, first walk, etc.  I still remember the tears of joy that I shred on her first performance in a school program. It feels so good watching her tiny hips sway with the music as she dance gracefully. Pride is overwhelming as we listen to her first solo performance (singing Reflection) in the talent portion of the  search for Little Ms. Princess in their school.In many ways and times did she make mommy spill tears of joy :D.

Last month a link in Facebook caught my attention.


This ad is asking mommies to tell how different their child is compared to other kids. You can submit a picture of your kid and if it is approved, the picture will be displayed in the giant electric billboard along EDSA. I, excitedly browsed my files for Sam’s picture and then submitted my entry.

My entry looks like this Sam in Nido's Proud to see the Difference

Weeks passed, and I already forgot about this Ad when I received an email from the administrator informing that Sam’s picture will be aired on August 10, 2010 at 10:00 A.M in the billboard along Shaw Edsa (Southbound). I am very happy but in the same time is sad because I know that we won’t be able to see her picture while it is being aired : (

I’m very glad that last week, the administrator again sent an email with a picture of Sam while it is being aired on the two giant billboards 😀

Sam's picture on the billboard along Shaw EDSA southbound

On the electronic billboard at SM North Edsa

Thank you Nido for giving us a chance to see our pride in a giant screen.

I really am A PROUD MOM…