I’m having a hard time thinking of what will be the content of my first post.I’ve been trying for weeks but still I cannot come up with something special. And then this morning when I opened my eyes, I finally decided on what will I write here on my first post :D.

It was June 15, 2004 when we (hubby and I we’re not yet married by that time) found out that I am pregnant.That morning when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy kit,different emotions engulf me.Scared of what will my family,relatives and friends would think about me; happiness because I know that there’s a new life inside me and a product of love; excitement; worried …

January 29, 2005 at around 2:54 P.M when I gave birth to a 7.2 lbs, 51 cm bouncing baby girl.

Our Little Angel

We named her Deianira (Greek name, Hercules wife who poisoned him to death) Sammara (Hebrew name, protected by GOD).

Our life had a major turned when Sam came. The first grandchild in my side, and second in my husband’s side. She is definitely a darling to us. I am completely transformed and I  wholeheartedly embraced motherhood.

Chubby Cheeks

The Frown

Daddy's Girl

Growing up

The Smile that melts our hearts

It seems that the past five years is just yesterday.My baby girl is now a little girl. And now that she is starting to build her own personality, with our guidance and love, I hope and pray that she will continue to grow the way we wish her to be, a God fearing person, a loving child, a good sister. We love you very much  our little girl.

We love you very much