Wandering Thoughts Mini Giveaway

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As for a start, I’m joining a giveaway hosted by Wandering Thoughts.

The price at stake is $10 each to 3 lucky bloggers.

The mechanics are

1. Make a simple blog post about the giveaway and link it to the giveaway’s post and the host homepage.
2. Follow using Google Friend Connect
3. Use the Rafflecopter widget in submitting your entries.
Simple as 1,2,3 !
Good luck to all!

Blogging again here …

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I was searching Google when somehow I stumbled upon this blog. I can’t believed that with almost 7 months of inactivity, WP didn’t delete this site. When I decided to pursue blogging last year, this baby came into life and has been my humble abode for about 7 months. The first and only (so far) online earning that I experienced was thru this site.

As of this writing I was able to maintain 3 blogs, My Thoughts in Letters (the mirror of this site in its own domain), My GOD-send gifts (a site dedicated to my precious ones), mommy-chef-in-progress (a site about what I am most passionate about). It was indeed an effort for me maintaining these blogs during my free time (night time), and I guessed that was the reason why online earning opportunities were still out of my grasp :(. Though I don’t mind it that much since the first reason I’m into blogging was because of passion (don’t get me wrong, I still loved and is very much willing to received online earning opportunities if GOD’s will), I think I can still go on with an additional blog to maintain :D.

Yes, starting today, this site will again be written. There will be a change in the topics posted here, but still everything will be originally written by me.

So again, welcome to my site!

My New Home

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I’m very happy and proud to announce that this site has finally acquired it’s own domain name :D.

Yippee! By God’s grace an opportunity is opened for me to have my own domain with the assistance of Ma Belle of  http://www.justdomain.us/.

This might be my last post using this WP.com and will start making arrangements and organizations to my new site. With this, I’m praying that online opportunities will soon arrived.

You can checked me here at http://www.mythoughtsinletters.com

Happy Blogging everyone!

On Party Planning

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It’s exactly 1 month and 1 week until my little boy turns one and I haven’t done much with the preparation *sad. I lurked and joined discussions on party preparations in Smart Parenting,Female Network,Kiddie Party hoping to learn and get some useful ideas. I learned a lot and already had many plans on my mind but still haven’t done anything about it.

I don’t want to cram and spent at lot,that’s why I really need to start planning and do things now. I better write down what I’m able to accomplished so as to keep track and make sure that I don’t miss a thing.

My Checklist /Guide for Jed’s 1st Birthday

– Venue and Theme

– Invitation

– Food

– Venue dress-up

– Entertainment

– Loot Bags

– Souvenir

– Game Prizes

– Other Misc. Stuff

I’m excited and at the same time a little bit worried since the last party that I host was 6 years ago (when Sam turned 1). Hoping that everything will turned out fine and I can manage to throw a memorable party for Jed in the most budgeted way :D.

Earthquake hit NZ

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A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Christchurch New Zealand just hours ago :(.

According to yahoo news, a death toll of 65 ( and is still expected to rise ) is now recorded. Another tragedy that’s really bothering.

Last year when hubby and I dream of migrating, New Zealand is number 1 in our list. With its scenic landscape and wide diversity of tundra and fauna, NZ is arising to be a top choice for migration. It’s sad to know, that another catastrophe hit them resulting to great loss and infrastructure damages.

NZ is just hit by a 7 magnitude quake September 4 of last year damaging hundreds of thousands of homes but miraculously zero death. The country always experience tremors and land shakes due to its location in the  Pacific Ring of Fire in which Philippines is also part of.

Now is the time for us to show our sympathy by praying that they can easily recuperate from the big loss and hope that no fellow Filipino is affected by this tragic event.

May God Bless us all!

Fever strikes back

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Had another restless and tiring weekend.

Sam is down with fever again since Saturday night and my little boy, have cough and cold as well. I’ve been monitoring Sam’s temperature and it seems that it’s not going down. We just had our visit to the pedia, and found out that her tonsil is still swelling and we’re prescribed again with another set of antibiotics. Poor Sam, I hope that she’ll soon feel better. She’s been into antibiotics as early as two years old and I’m afraid of the effects that it will have on her. She really lose weight. Get well soon my sweetie.

Missing something

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I miss baking and cooking!

I miss spending time in the kitchen creating special meals for hubby and Sam and Jed. Recently, I feel that I had my hands full with work, Sam school activities, household chores, taking care of Jed, activities to attend to during weekends, etc.

How I can I pursue my plan on baking a cake for Jed’s first birthday if I don’t have time to practice *sad. ? I hope that within the next few weeks I’ll have the luxury of time, and spent my whole day doing what I love most…

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